The Code of Honor
A warrior of |SoK| is held to high standards of honorable conduct.  To violate them, is to dishonor one's name and may subject them to the judgement of the High Council and that of the Emperor himself.  All members of the clan shall adhere to the following regulations:
  1. Play to the best of your abilities without using any forms of outside aid, such as cheat programs ("bots") or other forms of program manipulation.  To do so is cowardly and you may be asked to leave the group.
  2. Although it is common for gamers to use the occasional curse word or other methods of expressing discontent, it is most honorable to find an alternative method.  Language that others may find offensive must be kept at a minimum and self-control and good judgement is advised.
  3. Joining |SoK| shall prove to be a worthy gaming experience.  However being a part of another clan as well as maintaning membership with us is not permitted.  Should you feel your place is elsewhere, leave us honorably by resigning your membership.  "Double clanning" is very dishonorable.
  4. Respect those around you, and you will be respected in turn.  Should you feel that your superiors are performing inadequately, invoke the Right of Challenge as opposed to flaming on the forums or acting in a disrespectful manner.  Also, respect those of lower rank and position or you may be challenged as well.

"To the Undiscovered Country...the future." --Chancellor Gorkon (Star Trek VI)