"Scotch makes it all more fun."

The humble roots of |SoK| began in February 2005, when a relatively new gamer came to the battlefield of Star Trek: Bridge Commander and was recruited by his first gaming clan.  During that year long journey, that gamer was befriended by a veteran of clan-based gaming and Star Trek: Armada 1 and 2.  Together they set out to bring joy and happiness to the universe of gaming...

...ok so 12 months, a few wars, forum flaming, 2 or 3 misunderstandings, a loaf of toast, some breath mints, a goofy word filter, several bottles of scotch, and 3 clans later, here they are.  And the vision that was Sword of Kahless came to fruition. 

We're a group of friends who came together for a singular purpose...gaming.  We enjoy the role play aspects of clan-based gaming, but we decided on a different approach that most Trek-Based clans may have never considered.  From our experience, we have found that the same role keeps getting played over and over...that of the United Federation of Planets and of Starfleet.  Everyone dreams of being Captain Picard, or some other known hero of the Federation.  You get the occasional Romulan, stray Klingon, or maybe even a Ferengi here and there.  But never a clan completely dedicated to the true canon of the Klingon Empire.  Many others have existed in the past and may even have attempted what we're attempting here.  But as Kahless, Son of Kanjis would possibly concede, the fight is everything. 

|SoK| Historical Timeline

"To the Undiscovered Country...the future." --Chancellor Gorkon (Star Trek VI)