Imperial Rank Structure

Emperor Emperor (voDleH)
Chancellor Chancellor of the High Council
General General (Sa')
Brigadier Brigadier ('ech)
Colonel Colonel (cha'DIch)
Major Major (totlh)
Captain Captain (HoD)
Commander Commander (ra'wI')
Lieutenant Lieutenant (ra'wI' Sogh)
Warrior 3rd Warrior Third Class (Sogh)
Warror 2nd Warrior Second Class (Sogh lagh)
Warrior 1st Warrior First Class (lagh)

   *Note*  This rank structure is primarily used to indicate positions within |SoK| to other clans/groups.  A Klingon need not have an insignia to show his rank and title and would dare not say he possesses a title he has not earned. To do so shows he has no honor.  However in the interest of cooperation with other clans in the community, this system of rank exists so that confusion may be avoided.

Statement of Diplomatic Policy
|SoK| regards formal diplomacy as a waste of time and paperwork. Diplomacy at all (even the simple, informal kind) will be conducted only when it will benefit the clan's activity levels or when it is necessary to preserve, enhance, or restore the clan's Honor and Dignity.

If you want to be our friends, fine...hang out with us, play some games with us. Who knows, we might even end up liking you. If you need our help, ask for it...we're very likely to lend a hand if your cause is honorable. We don't need a signed piece of paper to tell us that you're our friends. If you want to tell us that we suck, well, tell us...we'll take you on. And then we'll post screenshots so that you may be known as the petaQ you are. If we need help, we'll ask for it whenever we choose, however we choose, and from whomever we choose. If you won't help us because of silly paperwork, then by damn, we'll die with honor.

This Policy is intentionally written in general terms. The intent of this Policy is to express to the leadership of other clans the general attitude toward diplomacy held by the leadership of |SoK|. This Policy SHALL NOT be considered binding under any circumstances.
Exchange Program Policy
|SoK| members may participate in other clans' activities, and members of other clans may participate with |SoK| activities, with the approval of the clan leadership of both involved clans. Such "exchange programs" may involve the use of either clan's tags in the activities in question. Members involved in such "exchange programs" must comply with both their own clan's rules and the rules of the clan whose tags they are using (i.e. members of other clans who wear |SoK| tags under this policy must follow the Code of Honor while using |SoK| tags).
Games Played By The Empire
Trek Based:
Star Trek: Armada Series
Star Trek: Bridge Commander
Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force
Star Trek: Legacy

Non-Trek Based:
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Guild Wars
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
World of Warcraft

Looking Ahead To:
Star Trek Online

"To the Undiscovered Country...the future." --Chancellor Gorkon (Star Trek VI)